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When love tap shoulder, even on a quality suggestive of poetry or painting a contemptuous disregard of all men, will become a poet.


The perfect shore has staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears in a flower withered thorns breeds, it will experience a rebirth of seven thunderstorm, then bloom in the humid air.


If you are not happy, if not happy, then let go of it; if you can not give up, put it down, it is painful.


Beautiful idea is more lovely than beauty.


Can not be friends after breaking up, because they hurt each other. Can not do the enemy. Because we love each other deeply, so we become the most familiar stranger.


I know I should not only love eye flesh, I want you to know my soul spiritual eyes.


An unhappy love needs no sorrow but time - sometime for forgetting. A badly hurt heart needs no sympathy but understanding. In this world, there are some places can not be reached, the feelings can not be occupied, can not repair the defects.


It is more disreputable to treat injustice than to be treated unfairly.


Our lives have too many helpless, we can not change, but also unable to change, worse, we lost the idea of change.


Early education should be a kind of entertainment, so that it is easier to find a person's natural hobby.


Love, is willing to let you meet a person to do something stupid. Such a person, perhaps you have encountered, may not have encountered. But rest assured, love will not let any one person, long life, there is always a person, let you know, what real life is irreplaceable!


The nature of a woman is not as good as our men's place, there are many superior to our place.


There must be a balance between physical education and knowledge education. Sports should make a strong warrior, and make a sound mind in a sound frame.


Love to points only precious, a lot of people do not know to cherish. Only to lose to see, in fact, the most familiar is the most precious.


Love and happiness are synonyms.


If love, please love; if abandoned, please complete. Don't be ambiguous, hurt yourself.


Idleness is the son of cowardice, and the neglect of laziness.


It takes a lot of courage to conquer yourself.


Telling the truth is the virtue of an orator.


The measure of a man's worth is what he does when he has power.


Fall in love with a person easily, and so insipid, but also stick to the promise, it is not easy. In the light of the time, met another let his mind, always feel that they should follow it, leaving the old man to pursue at the moment to feel the thrilling and love, but after five years in retrospect, but such as is. Passion is numb. When you hurt someone in love, you end up hurting yourself.


The kind of love only love Stefan with noble style is beautiful, it is worth celebrating.


Just love the right, each other do not give too much pressure, do not believe that the perfect love, in fact, as long as you know, no one is perfect, everyone has some shortcomings, a simple cute enough, a real life can be.


Love to be precious, a lot of people do not know how to cherish, until lost to see, in fact, the most familiar is the most precious.


If you suffer because of love, love it more. Die of love, is to live.


Walking together is fate, has been walking is happiness.


No matter when you start, it is important that you do not stop after starting. No matter when you end, it is important that you do not regret after ended.


Love is a kind of feeling, when this feeling has not, I am still reluctant to themselves, this is called responsibility! Breaking up is a kind of courage! When this is not courage, I still encourage yourself, this call. Some of the encounters between people is like a meteor, sudden spark of envy, but is being in love with you.


Some people come and go. Then all return to the origin, but more than a heavy memories. If you lose a relationship, don't be sad, don't be sad, just understand: what you lost is love, not love. True love can't come and go. These confused city inside how to walk? Maybe some things will never belong to you! Life is a lot of our unknown.


Some things, all right, but you are willing to believe. Some people, everybody says it's not worth it, but you're willing to give it. Trust this thing, is to look at the position rather than right and wrong. When you love someone, you say what you believe. When you hate someone, you hate what he does. So do not believe a person, not to see what he does, but to see you love not love. Love is right, love is wrong.


Take away all the time, Months and years pass by. will put your name, appearance, character, destiny has changed.


All the girls in love age, are divided into two kinds: one said, love him more happy; another person said, love me more, is happiness. Maybe we're all wrong. The form and weight of love is never set in our hearts, you meet a kind of man, you will talk about a love.


Fortunately, love is not everything, but everything is not love.


The good man is good because he is wise, but the bad man is bad because he is stupid.


Time is like a river, the left bank is unable to forget the memories, right is worth grasp the youth, the middle of the fast flowing, is young faint of sad, there are a lot of good things, but really belongs to own is not good.


People live for love, this is the essence of life.


Silence is the expression of love.


Gymnastics and music in two aspects, can be a complete personality. Because gymnastics can exercise, music can cultivate the spirit.


The boy is the most difficult of all beasts.


Beauty is truth.