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Ignorance is the mother of superstition.


Everywhere is true misery, false joy.


Who self-esteem, who will be respected.


The novel is considered a national secret history.


The next step is the murder.


The inventor had only a glimpse of dawn.


A desire to lose the innocent feelings.


Happiness lies not in the house of gold.


The lucky ones should be the lighter the better!


Money and contempt is miser spiritual food.


He's a snake that we put on his chest!


Society is a pit, we must stand in the highlands.


Good behavior is to forget yourself for others.


How many people can create wealth.


The wisdom of life probably lies in failing to ask why.


Vice is rapidly ending, religion is the life of suffering.


In all kinds of loneliness, people are most afraid of spiritual loneliness.


Complacent, arrogant and credulous of life of the three reefs.


Genius is the sickness of man, as the pearl is the sickness of shellfish.


It's nice to be alone, but you need someone to tell him to be alone.


The realm of science is vast, and human life is short.


Self esteem and belong to a whole, is the two aspect of selfish.


The first is: pieces of political issues, to consult the people.


Continuous work, is the life of the iron law, also the art of iron.


In writing your letter to sprinkle a few drops of water out, posing as far away tears.


Things in the world are never absolute, and the results vary from person to person.


Equality may be a right, but there is no power to make it a reality.


A great man can not work, the work of genius is irrigated with tears.


In your youth, patience and obedience may be the best virtue.


Anger melted in the caress, like a melted in the sun like icicles.


She is a slave and a ruler, she is willing to obey, because she can rule.


There is no passion to vent, but to exaggerate the small things, but to reduce the value of passion.


The life of the mind and body, to breathe in the fresh material, breathe out harmful gases.


Those who make a mistake can you forgive, after stepping down to blame.


Do something good, be kind and generous to others; in short, use your modesty to avoid bad luck.


In order to achieve the happiness of marriage, we have to climb a mountain with a narrow mountain path and high mountains.


To expand their own desires, is tantamount to the cliff Valley dug deeper, it is so.


We cannot forgive a relief. Feelings, just as we cannot forgive penniless like the prodigal.


Happiness is like a soap bubble, constantly changing colors like a rainbow, gently touched on the ashes to ashes.


When two men must have one to die, only a fool will give his destiny to chance.


Unfortunately, the love, often like a reliable debtor of an expired ticket, will increase your private money.


Love is very difficult for domestic troubles, one must have very strong quality, husband and wife to be happy.


The extent to which the grocer likes the degree of oil and wine is equal to that of the artist who hates it.


The pain also has his dignity to the laity reborn. To do this, as long as the real person on the line.


Society can not survive only by moral thought. To survive, it is necessary to act in accordance with this thought.


Motherly love in the hearts of women is a simple, natural, rich, never lost things, like a major element of life.


Whenever a major turning point appeared on the occasion of life, our hearts are always associated with the occurrence of this event where Adjacant grief at separation and joy in union.


After a peak of human career, I found that there are countless mountains to climb, to overcome countless hardships and dangers.


Respect is the basis of feelings, with respect, feelings can be true and reliable, and practical and reliable feelings are essential to our lives.


If you want to be a good man, you must take your word as second religions, and keep your word.


Young people have neglect will be hurt, angry, furious, on the whole social fists, he wants revenge, and doubt yourself.


Human life is mostly devoted to pull his youth sprout from the depths of the soul. This kind of surgery is called experience.


An unfair thing, touched the mood of others, it will be a change of two, two to increase the number of the number of three, the yeast will ferment.


That class of people in power, never want to think about ordinary people to do an injustice, will inevitably cause what kind of consequences.


Only live idle life, just look at the money that day, not a matter of production will only consume guy, like society.


Art lies in the ability to build a palace on the needle. The secret of my mind is the one who can turn the desert into a city within ten seconds.


Really talented people is always good, honest, forthright, never reserved; their ridicule is a kind of spirit of the game, not for other people's self-esteem.


The rule of law requires obedience to the rules; all rules are against nature, against the interests of the individual, and the tendency of the law tends to have a tendency to break the habit.


The mother is in order to love and children because of weak cattle, old world, no sacrifice of love. So it's common for children and old people to get close.


The opportunity is very rare, but he has the three conditions of success, that is: like the deer will run the legs, the free time to go on the road, and the patience of the jews.


In love, the true face of false have an ulterior motive than cute, because of this, there are many men will in general means smart women who spend money like water.


Moral constraints on people, according to the different social strata of his. The sun shines all over the place is different, so we have more than four seasons.


Most people believe a somewhat superstitious and believe that they will have good luck decreed by fate and luck, as God for him to pay the way.


Childhood is the most wonderful stage of life, then the child is a flower, is also a fruit, is a hazy smart, a never income activities, a strong desire.


Authority, in a sense, is the heart of a country. All things in the world, in a small place is a hidden element of life, for the purpose of the use of the whole body; naturally, so the regime.


Law and natural law society, always shoots more than mature trees more than a fish fry: how many can become just as the seed fell on the rock, dead and buried.


Things in the world, never absolute, the results vary from person to person. Suffering is a stepping stone for the gifted, for is a wealth of talented people, and for the weak is an abyss.


She felt that the air was full of hot language, and the trees seemed to have human appearance. She could not feel the existence of her own body! The ground trembled beneath her feet.


Decent men don't have enough time to work. How can he waste his time trying to dress up and do his own thing? I would rather die at my own expense than to reduce it to zero.


Love is so harmonious that it never shows a discordant word, a feeling, a gesture. Every time he looks at me, he always wears a friendly smile on his lips, and his eyes shine with joy.


There was no disinterested life, honest personality, in every class, even if not the worst people will respect. In Paris, the true morality, like a big diamond or rare treasures to be appreciated.


Single instinct of people, in front of the brains of people have a disadvantage, is soon to be identified. Starting from instinct thought too simple, too harsh, it is not at all clear, thought than understanding, both sides should be roughly the same for intelligence.


Can only be those despicable people's specialty. They will only try to sharpen their heads, to those around them all into the crowd. The implication is to curry favour, benefits from fish.


He began to spread out some of the cool elderly soon, the world of home feeling blowing cold as the north, especially as a poor and ugly man, isn't that old and old? This is the winter of life, the nose is red, gills help gray, numb hands and feet in winter!


The country people's wisdom, is like a diplomat by stake culture success; in this regard, the appearance of the most stupid people may be the most powerful. When you see something that cannot be understood, and when you are confused, the truth may be veiled in your presence.


Spiritual life and physical life, there is a call also suck: the soul to absorb the feelings of another soul to enrich themselves, and then returned to the feelings of a richer. If there is no such thing as a wonderful relationship between people, there will be no life in the heart: it is short of air, it will suffer.


Perhaps we have never made a psychological analysis of some spontaneous determination, and have not been able to explain the mystery of the conduct. Many people would rather deny the outcome of the matter than to estimate the relationship, the hinge, and the chain of forces that link many spiritual phenomena.


Forgetting is generally strong, magic creative people, they will be forgotten like nature, nature will not know what the pain is not the weak fault, as to the lessons, but living in pain, immersed in it, every day past suffering, torture yourself.


People watching other people do bad things, it used to; at the beginning of the acquiescence of other people do, at the end of his also dry up. In the course of time, the soul being shameful deeds of contamination, become more and more small, spring noble thoughts gradually rust, and the chain of mediocre but more wear the more loose, do not push the rotation.