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The more you judge, the less you love.


The novel is a national secret history.


Equivocate road not big.


The people who do not need are always poor.


Pride is a dignity that cannot be supported.


Question mark is the key to any science.


Good at waiting for the people, everything will come in time.


Follow the code of ethics, noble martyr which!


The so-called strong is both the will, but also wait for the opportunity.


The implication is to curry favour, benefits from fish.


It can make a person's heart dry and hurt all emotions.


To see the brilliant achievements of society, in order to recognize your genius.


The life meets the big worry, the friendship should be the effective comfort.


Time is the only capital, except for those who have no other property.


An objection, of course, like Valentine's forbidden fruit become more valuable.


The poet is a heaven in the Black Angels sing carols in hell sound quenching.


Life is not full of roses, but sometimes it hurts you.


When a man begins to cheat, he will make up a lie.


The mother's heart is an abyss, in its deepest, you will always be forgiven.


Maybe you can't get something with the trick, I can get some warmth.


But you must fight against envy, slander and mediocrity, and fight with you.


To rise, there are two things, that is, to be an eagle, or to be a reptile.


Truly talented person is always good, honest, forthright, not reserved.


There are at least one good thing about a man who knows who is a true friend.


Before the dignified woman who, before her husband coquettish, long-term marital relationship is the secret of love.


I want you to come to me, not passion, not despair, but reason.


The first to describe a woman is like a wise man, and the second one is a fool.


One of the many villains despicable habits, is that others like them.


Chance is the world's greatest novelist: to Vince inexhaustible, as long as the research on the line by chance.


Buried in the absence of experience of the data may be a once deceived by the original love.


Corruption has become omnipresent mediocre weapons, and you can feel the glint and flash of cold steel.


Some of life behavior, although from the thing itself but as sure as a gun, look like, often is not possible.


The only thing I can trust, I like the lion of courage and invincibility in labor effort.


Really, when money is like life, activities, going back and forth, will be sweating, babies.


True love is like a beautiful flower, and the more open it is, the more pleasant it seems to be.


Genius and beauty, are doomed to emit bright eye-catching, arouses envy, slander people.


In a sense, the interest is fixed, is the true self-esteem. It is the proof of superiority.


A lead a fast life, was as easy as it, but to meet friends, but impossible.


The woman is like a harp, it only knows how to play it to reveal the artist wonderful mystery in tune.


All human power is just a mixture of patience and time. The so-called strong both meaning, but also wait for the opportunity.


The rich are always less than the poor; therefore, once the struggle becomes a contest of human and material resources, the victory always belongs to the poor.


When you see something that cannot be understood and confused, the truth may be veiled in your presence.


She first felt the taste of the foot of the very delicate flowers, and therefore can not walk on the road covered with glass.


I like life, like a young man and his fiancee as fresh, cool off to teach me to see ten years after marriage scene.


We dashed hopes, abortion can cause failure, frustration of ambition, often accumulated into envy.


The man who has always been right is the one who doesn't believe everything. He doesn't believe in feelings. He doesn't believe in people.


Since he has the courage to die, he should have the strength to fight. Refusing to accept suffering is not a sign of strength, it is a sign of weakness.


Disinterested life, honest in character, regardless of class, even if not the worst people will respect.


He can use the money as a tiger, every speculation a cannon aimed at a fortune, he as a man, but to listen to the mercy of happiness.


Saneatsu disinterested life, honest character, no matter which class, even if not the worst person, will also respect.


There is no absolute equality, there is no absolute power. Who is similar in nature, law and inequality, inequality in politics, and not the same.


A feeling to have a promising future, as he progresses in the hard road of life, like an innocent prisoner to death, it wouldn't be ashamed.


A great artist is equal to a king, stronger than a king; first, he is more happy, free and able to live at his own will; secondly, he can dominate a world.


Real friends in the spirit of induction, as well as the dog's sense of smell; they can feel the grief of friends, guess the reason for the sad, always worried about the heart.


Miser only know the lamb raise fertilizer, close it, kill it, bake it, eat it, despise it. Money and attention, is the nourishment of the miser.


Love is a beautiful China, once broken, no matter how clever repair, will leave. Therefore, it is more important that we care from the very beginning.


Leave the talent center, breathe active air does not contact the change rapidly trend, our knowledge will taste like stale, stagnant metamorphism.


When young men fall into sin, they do not dare to take the mirror of their conscience, they will only escape, but the adult side dares to look directly at the difference between the two stages of life.


I for others for my worship is numb, unproductive tired, but no happy life, that looks like a feeling, but not through touch, make me cringe.


At this time, people create their own mysterious poetry, and women's poetry can be mentioned in the same breath. Until each other all these see through that day, all this will disappear!


The power to prove their strength, only the indiscriminate use, in defiance of the talent at the same time, give the people utterly ridiculous crowned with success, the only force that is totalitarian can have.


In the world and always proud of the talent act illegally doomed eternally they wait to enter the kingdom of heaven; but the moment for some minor errors severely punished, to make public alert.


Sadly, often need two people to form a perfect lover, like in the literature only with characteristics similar to the one in several live lattice, can constitute a typical.


You are both a poet and a poem, followed by a woman. Yes, there is a more precious thing in your body, which is more beautiful than beauty. You are the ideal beauty of art.


Childhood is the most wonderful stage of life, then the child is a flower, is also a fruit, is a hazy smart, a never income activities, a strong desire.


The observation shows that the miser, the ambitious, all his life devoted to a dominant concept of the individual, the emotion is always pinned on a symbol of their love.


No one can wait for an unknown disaster. For there is no knowing what the disaster is, and the extent of the pain seems to be greater; and all that is unknown, in our hearts, is infinite.


A man once upon himself, is despised, real life and his hope of conflict, he Dutch act, said he attaches great importance to society, not his personality or lost glory to live.


He compliments the way, superficial people seem very charming; fine people think it is an offense, because this too vulgar to be endured and aggressive to curry favour will be able to guess, he goes out.


The human soul is really a wizard, it can put a straw into a diamond; in its wand under the command of enchanted palace in the eyes, like the fields of flowers, flowers in the heat of the sun to warm the blooming under way.


Management is not one size fits all, it has no general principles. The law is unchanged, but the fashion, land, intelligence is not the case, since the management is a law enforcement but does not harm the interests of the arts, do everything to local conditions.


The real test is in pain and happiness. When two people passed the two tests of life, the advantages and disadvantages of each in this process are completely unmasked, also observed each other's character, they can always go hand in hand to the grave.


The so-called moral depravity of human soul only refers to the depressed state of mind, for their own selfish involuntary behavior. The twists and turns of thought, the repeated requests to the society, or the sudden repetition on the mind, are the needs to satisfy our happiness.


A claim will never change opinions, is always a straight line, a thought is always right fool. There are no rules in the world, there are accidents, there are no laws, only opportunities.


The poor boy is suffering poverty there, as if to fall in a fiery furnace; and many great men of genius are from this kind of furnace without damage and immaculate walked out, as if no matter how diamond will not bump like fragmentation.


The word happiness doesn't express my happiness at all. I have everything that a woman should have! To love and be loyal to the man she loves, and to touch the infinite feelings in his heart, and even to make a woman's soul lost.


A man who boasts that he has never changed his mind is a fool who sets himself in a straight line and believes he is always right. No principle, the only event; there is no law, only the clever man; to conform to the trend of events, so that in the light of its general trend, for their own use.


Some people in the world, like him kindness, patience, a lifetime heart hidden pain, mouth hanging on the gentle smile and boredom; in order to look down to the world of desire, proud and arrogant, perhaps in retaliation, death is not to let people guess the answer, only to think of God as a confidant, ask God for comfort.


You have sincere and serious, be absorbed in, you can't use voice to express the poem, can understand the poem. A person who has a close relationship with an audience must not be able to communicate like electricity. The soul is not mingle, poet is a heaven in the Black Angels sing carols in hell sound quenching.


Do you want to live longer? You should desire, this can save all the pain, sorrow, struggle and make painstaking efforts to avoid all misery of failure, but your life there is no joy, no happiness, you want to be happy? Do you have desire? Then fight at the cost of your life!