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Soft is the mother of safety.


Humility is the conscience of the body.


Life is a transaction.


Shrimp is small, but it can swim across the sea.


Religion is always a necessity.


Suffering is a stepping stone for genius.


The work of genius is irrigated with tears.


Some evil, can not wash, can only be redeemed.


Setbacks and misfortune, is the genius of stepping-stone.


Love is not only a feeling, but also an art.


Only the strength that does not achieve its purpose is sad.


Maybe life is not good enough, good life is long enough.


Read and be in a brown study will only enrich our mind.


A man who can think is a man of great strength.


The wisdom of life lies in the fact that everyone asks why.


Without great willpower, could not have rare gifts and bold strategy.


An honest man should know where he is.


Could not understand each other's bottom line, never out of your heart.


Complacent, arrogant and gullible, is the life of the three reefs.


An objection, love will become as valuable as the forbidden fruit.


A man of wisdom is a man who is truly boundless.


One of the characteristics of these people is that they are very narrow.


To say that fame is as toxic as some very bright flowers.


The actions of people are inclined to fatalism, but their idea to believe in destiny.


A place where one can perish, two people together may be saved.


When the chance came like lightning short, use depends on you without thinking.


If people do one thing with one heart and one mind, they will always have a chance.


Since the lovelorn, must give up, and to break the kite is impossible to come back.


The man's only in Germany, and the beauty of the woman: can give people hope.


The inventor relies on great confidence to have the courage to move forward in the unknown world.


You are a beautiful young man, with a very fine heart like a lion, and weak as a young girl.


If everyone could climb the mast of the regime, there would be no privileges.


Some non life mark fight fiercely about it, not for a meal and wasted happiness.


It is only a few days before the birds take good care of their nests, and I will take good care of my nest.


In love, some thoughts and actions in some people's minds is actually a sacred engagement.


In fact, the love is more perfect than true love, which is why many women are deceived.


True love always and the childhood is similar: rash, rash, debauchery, to temper kukuxiaoxiao.


Well, my kitty, you will be a person, you have the power not only to understand the rules, and edges, I love you.


The power of thought is better than that of speech. A person who speaks more of his words for gospel truth.


Small people to vent their feelings, whether the passions, always in some of all the minor details of no great importance.


The vain man acts like a woman, and all two of them think that the praise and love of others is their own loss.


All human power is just a mixture of patience and time. The so-called strong is both the will, but also wait for the opportunity.


In grace and in all things, the only thing that does not grow old. A kind-hearted man is simple.


Someday you'll be in love, and keep your secret! Do not understand each other's bottom line, never out of your heart.


Childhood is the most wonderful stage of life, then the child is a flower, is also a fruit, is a piece of Meng the hazy bright daylight.


That poor woman, distress, her heart is a very love sponge, just a drop of emotion, immediate expansion.


A busy man phrasing is boring. A flower is not a flower, a poet is not a poem.


Nature is a crack shot, no danger of anything going wrong. This kind of nature is called a feeling. The first love is equal to a thousand eyes.


No principle, the world's only worldly, no law, only the wise man, so with world affairs mingle, disposable.


Many fake people tough to hide their mediocrity; you hit them about it, they are like a balloon with a pin, flat.


A letter is a soul, is to speak very faithful echo, so the delicate feelings of the people believe that love is one of the most precious baby.


With profound vision the people from a number of lines can be bent, a dimple how deep, a bump height in guess subtle color.


The less people gather in one place, the less they find evil, the evil and the bad. The cleanliness of the air contributes greatly to the cleanliness of fashion.


Suffering is like a magical talisman, can strengthen our nature, make people more ferocious jealousy and suspicion even more ferocious, compassionate people more compassion.


Pleasure and some drugs similar: to constantly get the same effect, we must increase with increasing dose; dose, contains death and stupid.


For a sensible man, a word, a look, every act and every move, a change of tone, can be seen in one of the class nature and habits.


Pity is one of the great advantages of a woman, and the only thing that a man can feel, and the only one that can make a man feel jealous.


On the night of winter, it can force our selfishness and poor people or passengers to produce false sympathy, and make us feel happy to be surrounded by the fire.


They also know of the suffering of others, to their own misfortune, incapable of action, self pity complain too much, a cup of Absinth is not shared.


In Paris, some people see when your horse stirrups began immediately, some people to pull your skirt, others loosen cinch buttons, make you fall head broken.


Vidocu seems to understand this: people always love psychological coy little resistance, for future misconduct to find a justification, one of their own conscience.


In order to promote civilization, in order to develop production, it should be made clear to the public that the interests of the individual should be consistent with the interests of the state, through the facts, interests and principles, they are integrated.


When you see something that cannot be understood, and when you are confused, the truth may be veiled in the face of you, and you can't go to Italy on the way from Paris to Rome.


Most people confuse happiness with economic means, in their view, wealth is the most important factor in happiness. No matter what the time, social emotion has long been the wealth into a religion.


Finally, the old people and the noble fault is delusional to their thoughtful and careful virtue was bequeathed to life made by pleasure like in ecstasies, attracted ants on a hot pan children.


As a poet and poet of the honorary secretary, pet, it was like a caress of his first stake in the speculators who. The relationship between the partner type, and friendship is quite similar to the horizon.


In some minds, like evil so that serious negligence can own imagination in turn to their conscience work, so the young girls tend to exaggerate the evil, thus expanding the scope of punishment.


To make a judgment on a person, at least to Ao, in-depth understanding about his feelings and thoughts, unfortunate secret; only wants to understand the material aspects of the events of his life, which is written to chronicle, biography of fools!


Can I put so much so much emotion in the meaning of a word or two between the inevitable is a good actor. A person can express feelings is often incomplete, the truth will not appear in the outside, only let you try to figure out the intrinsic meaning.


The more you heartless, the more rising fast, you mercilessly against others, people afraid of you. Only to men and women as Yima, riding in them exhausted, to stand on the left, so you can reach the peak of desire.


In order to create a beautiful image, take this model's hand, take the foot of another model, take this chest, take the shoulder. The mission of the artist is to put life into the human body that is created, and to make it real.


If I am rich, you are poor, and one day, I will put my property and my heart at your feet, because I believe you have a heart full of wisdom and honesty. In a word, I will give you my life and my honor very much.


For true lovers, when happiness is at hand, it may be compared with the entrance of heaven in the Catholic poetry. This analogy is more appropriate, because this is a narrow, dark, can't do anything where the last cries also echoed extremely worried.


A woman really love suspicion, than pleasure, replace the taste but also thought smart. Once to be abandoned for a moment, her posture, can on the first guess, even the horse in the spring in the air smell to stimulate the breath of love, but not so fast.


From my point of view, hospitality is a virtue, a happiness, is also one of ostentation; no matter from which point of view, even if you think that this is a speculation, it should not be understood as his guest, as his friends enjoy expressing human tenderness warmth in water like tenderness it!


Is the suffering of the people not as much as the big one? Pain makes all things great. If the change of nouns, not talking about clothing beauty, but what Medal of honor, title, these seemingly small things, is also called the great achievements in career storm?


The more you heartless, more can be promoted step by step. The more you people are more afraid of you extremely cruel and merciless. Do men and women like horses, riding in them exhausted, to the station left, so that you can reach the peak of desire. You will find that society is a liar and a deceptive collection.


You need good time, you know, there are two kinds of leak: positive and negative leak, is stupid, they use silence, negation, board face, closed in this way, the loan real price is incompetent! Positive leak, by certain.


He is constantly in the struggle with the people, and the world struggle, no time to enjoy the show. Only to wait will wantonly dandy, the fleeting season crops harvested, and no matter what kind of self-esteem, where it will pass under the hands of customs not much difference between tax.