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What words can not express my love for you, thank God on this day to bring you to this world, happy birthday, my love!


Wait until the jaded landscape, I am willing to accompany you to see.


May every day of your life be filled with joy, beauty and love. Happy birthday to you!


SMS is my beating heart, the jumping character is my passionate love! Happy news? Of course, it's my compliment to you!


I love pink, that is because I want to love you forever, will never change until death!


Maybe you weren't born for me, but I was lucky enough to be with you. I wish in the rest of life, every year for you light up the birthday candle.


One day, the other is hope, you came to the world added a bit of color, may the next day, smile still bright.


Happy birthday! May your days be filled with joy on this special day.


Let you hold my hand, with a lone duck flying sky. Emulsion blending soul.


My love is for you to open, like white lightning pierced the sky, my love for you to run, like the red blood filled with the body.


Hope your soul green forever, youth, happiness. I wish you a happy birthday, health and happiness!


Love makes man a fool, love is a bunch of stupid, love is a silly talk, Happy birthday, my little fool!


I wish you a year and long wrinkles from the wrinkled and the last step! May the sun shine for you and bring you joy every day.


A little wish, more than thousands and thousands of words, when the bell sounded birthday to you, do not forget my wish, wish you Happy birthday!


I know someone who loves you more and more. Happy birthday to you, my wife!


My wife, happy birthday! Every day in my life is a blessing for you, because I always miss you in my life!


Wife, today is your birthday, when you open the phone for the first time, I give you today's first blessing, happy birthday!


I love you for one hundred years, I am single-minded. Love you one thousand years, I am very single-minded. I love you ten thousand years, I am an antique.


Birthday is not present, write a blessing to you, if you do not think enough, and then I also go up, I wish you a happy birthday!


Wish you every day happy, love is my gift to you, forever.


Today is your birthday, to congratulate all the ladies' room and bathroom are open to you free of charge, Welcome!


Today, you are the first step towards maturity, I wish you go steady, walk steadily, out of a flower full of road.


It's your birthday, although the broken love lets me each other become strange, but I never forget your birthday.


Husband, I wish you all wishes come true, dreams come true, all can wait, can pay all cash. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to an attractive, smart and elegant, sophisticated and all-round splendid Happy birthday.


Life and love are the highest meaning of human beings. Have you found your love while trying to hold on to life? Happy birthday!


Acquaintance with you is a kind of fate, falls in love with you is a kind of beauty, accompanied by a blessing with you, I would like to accompany with you forever.


In this special day, I want to say I'm glad time hasn't changed our friendship, happy birthday to you an endless enjoyment.


Warmly congratulate you on your birthday. I send you my love and a small gift for you. Take care!


You and I agreed to a quarrel soon stopped, also said there is no secret, each other is transparent! Love you!


SMS network communication on behalf of my heart, my love; I can meet with the wind, thousands of miles to have a bosom friend.


Because we are Tongzhu connected twin grass, destined to spend the rest of my life, never abandon! Happy birthday to my husband!


Happy birthday, my dear friend, may you be happy every day!


Love is hard, love is happy; everyone is happy to accept love, hard to love people!


Wife: today is your birthday, happy birthday. You are younger than the moon one day yesterday, the round moon, tonight you are the most beautiful.


I also believe that love can overcome all difficulties; but, after all, there are all kinds of hardships. That's what I believe in. Happy birthday to my dear!


I know that there is a person who loves you so deeply that this love will last forever!


Happy birthday to an attractive, intelligent and generous, sophisticated, and all-round splendid Happy birthday.


Life is rich, life was sweet, happy happy, happy happy joy Hui hui.


I love you more and more, you are my favorite person in this world, I wish you a happy birthday, happy every day!


You are my skin is flesh; you are my suit is buckle; you are my coffee beans; your love life will not be enough.


Happy birthday to my wife, you are always so charming, so beautiful!


Time is always more and more short, birthday is always more and more fast, friendship is always more and more strong, my blessing is more and more deep.


My love, bless you Happy birthday!


Happy birthday with all my love! I'll be there when you need me. May you be happy and love you more each year!


You are my Hami melon birthday, you are not stupid melons, see a text laugh, is worthy of a melon! Happy birthday to you!


Your life is like a boat, landing in the waves of life deep in. Birthday, I wish you peace out of the harbour!


Envy you your birthday is so romantic, full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting only hope you, happy every day, healthy and beautiful.


The sky is blue, the clouds are light, the wind is light. Today is you, you are special, you are my love. Wish luck forever.


Happy birthday, sweetheart. You are the most lovely person in the world.


Maybe you weren't born for me, but I was lucky enough to be with you. I wish the rest of life, every year for you light up the birthday candle.


Wishing you the next day, write a story full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, a full seven colors out of the way the sun.


Wish you a good heart, a regular flower, often in good luck, filled with mind forever! Happy birthday!


You are still beautiful on my calendar, and this special year seems to have improved your looks. Happy birthday to you!


People still, the dream is still the same, the husband wife love is still; years change, youth change, you and my husband and wife heart unchanged. Happy birthday to my dear!


Bless my sweetheart Happy birthday, you are always so charming, so beautiful!


Wish you birthday, with joy and laughter from dawn to sunset.


You are younger than the moon one day yesterday, the round moon, tonight you are the most beautiful.


Remember that a person will always love you, need you. Happy birthday with all my love!


If there is a love to come too suddenly, perhaps this is the fate; perhaps that love has not come, perhaps this is heaven.


Water is the home of the clouds, the clouds are wandering water. The clouds are always remember water hometown birthday, the water will need a cloud of attachment.


Love is like a cup, just when the bubble is very fragrant is very strong, but the bubble for a long time on the indifferent and tasteless, there is a faint fragrance.


Happy day! May your days be filled with joy on this special day.


Blessing is haunting you, in the dream that you are always in the spring. I wish you: happy! Happy birthday!


Pick a star, adopt a cloud, load the missing envelope, for your husband -- in this year is the most beautiful day.