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Let me how to thank you, when I go to you, I would like to harvest a ray of spring, but you gave me the whole spring.


Long night, listening to the city to the car to car, a lonely wandering in the hearts of missing you, I do not know whether you are far away, you will always be my favorite!


Happiness and happiness of one heart and one mind deeply attached to each other. May your love be deeper than the sea!


Sunrise and sunset = every morning and evening, the moon and the stars = infinite, debauch = = blessing thousands of meteors sugary love, heart, I wish you a happy new year!


Kiss you feel crisp, hold you feel soft, sweet love you feel, you want to feel bitter!


The wind is transparent, the rain is tick, the cloud is flowing, the song is free, love is the heart, the sky is eternal, you are unforgettable.


Intimate lover: are you safe? Would like to miss me. Love and care, deep affection and blessing. Sincerely wish you a happy new year!


Your past I too late to participate in your future, I will not miss! Sincerely, acquainted with you; you, accompany with you daily.


There is a saying that the feelings of the fire point, there is a saying out of happiness, this sentence, why don't you say? I wait, you don't silence.


Love you, think of you, it's sugar, sweet and sour, but also can not help but not to taste, sweet and sour, is the taste of love.


Is the highest realm of relative two two feeders, blessing the couple love each other, meet permanent congratulations on the jubilee!


In this festive time of blessing, may God guide your marriage, such as the river flow to the sea, as a whole, is no longer the two and Pentium unceasingly, life and growth in nature!


Life can be dull, like the blue sky of life can also be a poem, in the way the Pentium. As long as we hold hands, every day is happy happy new year!


Mom, I worried about you from afar, a greeting on behalf of my mind, I hope you can understand what to read!


Your heart is all of my life, I can't go further. We live in the remotest corners of the globe, not walk half the earth, but human companionship.


A paper tiger, a Mickey Mouse, little room, live together; one a husband, a future when the mother, mm, really happy! I wish happy marriage between the couple!


You are everything to me, you are my sun moon stars you are my flower, quietly blooming in my eyes.


May your family be a great force in the revival of the church and a major contribution to society and the nation!


Is the highest realm of relative two two feeders, blessing the couple love each other, similar to a permanent congratulations on the Jubilee!


No snow, no end of love! The snow is invisible! Winter, the snow light; love, love fashion. Winter, snow water; love is still, love always.


A sincere smile and a spiritual impact, even silent, far better than Thunder Bluff exchange solemn vows and pledges.


The sky, for you and blue; flowers for you and Yan; love, for you to move; heart, for you and jump; blood, for you and hot. You are my life the most beautiful miss!


Spring is like a key, opened all day miss. The blessing of the clouds, is talking about our expectations, my dear, I wish you a happy new year!


Most want to hear is your laughter, most want to see is your happiness, happiness is always with you, this is my most sincere blessing!


I've helped you so much, and I'm not asking you to thank me for giving me a turkey!


Millennium Millennium knot, a hundred years with a hundred years of sleep. Born with gifted scholars and beautiful ladies not only Yuanyang Xian.


Your beauty attracts me, your laughter like the dew that good, I was sober, because I know, I really love you.


Tender beauty and wisdom is not for you, I have been struggling to find, hard to pursue hoping mody.


The world's only a name, so I am very worried about, like an invisible line, a head firmly in my heart, a grip in your hands!


Deeply attached to each other a good partner, the marriage of one heart and one mind. Anthurium BiYiDiao, the nuptial chamber open head plum.


Your happiness, I come to your building, Hu Tu, I can make up for your sake, I'll meet you, self willed me to give, love you, mine.


May the world lovers, were supposed to be married. Wedding a harmonious union lasting a hundred years!


This beautiful day, as if the air is filled with intoxicating sweet. I wish my dear friends, from now on, forever in love!


Filled with the joy of heaven, shining in the moonlight, sigh: not only Yuanyang xian.


May your life to the Bible, honor ancestors, friendly neighbor; so that you may live well for hundreds of times, big in the future reward!


May your home be as beautiful as the garden of eden!


Your gentleness and consideration. Your candid. Your lovely smile. Your charming eyes. I'm fascinated by your every move!


Wish you a happy marriage, happiness, passion, said of a couple!


In the early morning dawn, happiness at your side; at noon the sun is shining, smile in your heart near the evening; The sun sinks in the west. joy with you one day!


Sometimes people really like the moon in the sky on the lake, will be far apart each other. I miss you very much, for us, the world but zhichi!


Countless miss you at night, think of you this happy time, I pray for the meteor, to the world I can meet with you, in love, until the end of time!


A casual encounter, a sweet date, a passionate hug, a sad parting know you, is a perfect ending.


Each individual fate, a love of the length of time, only dedication to do, I can do is: I will let my love accompany you slowly getting old.


In the twinkling of an eye, has gone to the cold end of the winter, in such a cold day, your thoughts on the deeper wish you peace and happiness!


If life began again, my love is still a long distance of the wind and rain, still tireless running? Let us tightly pull stop!


At sea, looking for a good figure is not easy. So I cherish, in shades of ink, a simplified method, love you forever, forever!


I'm scared to comfort you, I am very haggard, I want you to comfort you, not care I can't sleep without you, I can face tomorrow, I don't want you never learn.