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Some people, we call love, but not love; some people, we call a idiot, is true love.


All from the fair knowledge should be called cunning, but should not be called wisdom.


For love and pain, is also a kind of happiness.


The love that comes with the material, when you stop giving it, will soon die out.


The king's ancestors were slaves.


Philosophers have been preparing for life.


Paper courtship, which is perhaps the most interesting courtship. Because this is the most lasting.


Two people together, the most important, in addition to communication, but also what? In addition to language, a look and a hug can be. But no matter what form, but must be built on the basis of understanding. You don't know him, just when you embrace shackles, you know, a hug is better than thousands and thousands of words.


Respect for man is better than truth.


Love a person is too difficult, so why not others love you? Choose what you love or love you, this is all nonsense, life is to marry a person, of course, is to choose a people who love you for who you are. You think a one-way love can, in fact, wrong ah. We are searching for so long, that person is looking for love each other. Marriage is a kind of heating, we must give each other warmth.


Without you, where the heart is to ashes.


Loneliness is you want to ask a friend to go shopping, and found that a friend has about other friends, so he said sorry to you. Loneliness is when you don't try to pick a gift for someone's birthday. Loneliness is you will not because of the plot and the story of their own similar to a cry. Alone I stand in the line, and you are standing in a line, you and I separated by several time.


I met a cat in the diving, but did not meet you. I met the dog in the rock climbing, but did not meet you. I met the summer snow, but didn't meet you. I met a typhoon in winter, but I didn't meet you. I met all of the extraordinary, but I have not met you.


Your life only lasts for a few decades, don't leave what regret, want to smile smile, want to cry to cry, when the love of love, meaningless to oppress yourself. There are two kinds of depression in life, one is that the desire is not satisfied, the other is that it is satisfied with the two.


Not only for ourselves but also for our country.


Time is like a river, the left bank is unable to forget the memories, right is worth grasp the youth, the middle of the fast flowing, is young faint of sad. There are many good things in the world, but not really belong to their own. See flowers bloom before the court.


There is a best feeling, is to know someone, will not leave you. No matter how experienced setbacks and disputes, around a circle, or come back. True love, only two people to give a "cut each other". Those who easily leave, even if people heartache, in fact, think about it, too easy to lose something, that is not what belongs to you.


Nothing is more pleasant than health, though they do not think it is the greatest joy before they fall ill.


A lifetime of love, not a vigorous love, is not a commitment and oath. Don't be depressed because of your lover's silence and understanding, because time will tell you: the more the ordinary company, the longer. Being together is more important than anything.


So persistent love you, is from love, or unwilling.


I do not know what will happen to love, because I can not suggest that you share my poverty. However, if you do not love me, what is the meaning of life to me.


Some love, even if you bend over backwards, exhausted, bow and scrape, it is impossible to keep it. It is not fate that you cannot love, but the two of you. Two life is not the right person in the spirit of love, but the love is more tired. Love is not everything, really want to be together, not by the feelings, but in love for each other and change. Love is a kind of compromise.


I like the sunset like melancholy melancholy birds, melancholy birds flying into my sunset like sadness.


Some people fall in love, in order to have results. And some people fall in love just to get. Therefore, the two people together, the focus is not love, but look at the two people want is not the same. If you fall in love with someone who doesn't want to be with you, it's the wrong one. Love is not difficult, difficult is to love with the right people. Love is always more important to you than to love someone.


True love is going to drive crazy or near lustful things away.


The best we can to the United states.


Life is more than loneliness. Lonely life love, loneliness is the theme of love forever. I'm alone with my shadow. He said he had a whisper to tell me. It says it misses you, originally, I and my shadow, are thinking of you.


Sometimes two people who can't understand together, will be more lonely than when they are alone.


Life is not worth living without careful consideration.


Love can make a girl was completely removed and pretentious attitude, become simple and natural, have become more and more beautiful.


I don't want to be important in the world. From the beginning, the world and I are two different things. See, I have made mistakes in the promise: I will use my life to cherish the details of the details of your life, it is the world back to me, I am satisfied. I just ask for one thing - I don't miss you, I'm next to you.


In any case, not for mercy!


I like to leave my mark on you, but never remember you never belong to me. If one day, no longer like you, my life will be like before. Degenerate, decadent, I don't want to live like that again.


Man is an animal of seeking meaning.


Man is the measure of all things, the existence of the existence, the scale of the non existence.


People in love is tolerant.


Love a person can accommodate her everything, even for her to give up everything. So, when someone says to you, for the sake of career because of the status and so on school and so on and can't be together, don't think there is a reason. The only reason is that he doesn't love you.


The first time you cry because you are not, the first laugh because I met you, the first time I cried because I can't have you.


No matter how deep the love will be the same life will be exhausted, not to change who, what has been considered, even if you do not change anything. People are miserable, not forever are the best, those who have received and said that she will cherish, is only the time not to.


A man, you can have no money, no room, no car, but you have to have a heart, if there is no ambition, then you have to consider whether he is a man. A woman not afraid to suffer with you, do you not allow yourself to live a good life to a woman.

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